What’s Needed

Just when it seems that life couldn’t get any better (I just published another book), there are obstacles I must overcome to keep doing what I want to in life.  And that’s an every day occurrence.  Since I am an author, illustrator, blogger, etc., then writing and publishing a book isn’t but half the battle.  It’s getting ‘myself’ out there.

It’s really about connecting with people, getting to know them face to face or via social media.  It’s having a following but also following others that are good common sense kinds of folks.  Having a platform, a website, a blog to write, a brand, marketing and promotional tools are just some of what is needed after the fact of publishing.  Perhaps it comes at the same time or before.  But it’s all relative.

I suppose this all falls under communication.

Seems like a daunting task at times.  🙂



Back in the Game

41DqUstl23L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_  Today is the first day I’ve posted since I moved from CA to MI. So far I love it-the land, the people, the wildlife, the food, the hometown shops, the Amish way of life but mostly I like less traffic. So back in the game, so to speak. For those who are following me, thanks for being faithful and sticking with me.  There’s much to be said about aopinionatedman.wordpress.com and the amount of work and passion Jason puts into each day’s site. Why not check out the posts there, too, while you are at it!

and thanks for the e-book purchases for Christmas, Christmas Everyday! Means a lot that giving and sharing are still priorities in our life.

What would you like to know about our move, where we moved or anything else? 😉