A Wish, A Prayer, A Postulate

Creator/Source, The All that IS ALL…we thank you.

Thank you for giving us the power to be ourselves in the midst of error and brainwashing.

Thank you for allowing us to step up and into our inherent powers as we ARE made in your image and likeness.

We use that goodly power to take hold of truth and propel us in to actions that are helpful, kind yet sharp as a two-edged sword.

May we help others to help themselves to discover the innate goodness of us all as we heal the world about us, including our plants and animals, weather, soil, air and water. 

So Be It.

Copyright 2021 Mary Rensberry 

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Beauty Within and Without

neighborhood flowers


When a spiritual baptism takes place within, then one knows that they are not their “past” with confidence and assurance.  One knows that they are a child of God, albeit a diamond in the rough.  One’s consciousness is elevated by these thoughts and feelings so that we may know God in the midst of every experience, activity and event.   Additionally, we can know that saying, To Be.

That is one’s true beauty.  It shines from within and without.

Testings will come as to your stance on this viewpoint.  Strengthen yourself daily, each moment, with the knowledge of who you are as Beauty, Life and Love.  And then go forth and do those things that represent your new self.  Help one another see that and be that, too.

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