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Circle of Life



Circle of life

fraught with rife

keep on my Love

with thoughts from above.


Mary Rensberry, Master Pooptologist & author at QuickTurtle Books®

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Ears to Hear

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This page is from the book entitled, Nature’s Gift to Humanity by Mary Rensberry, author and photographer of the Extra-Ordinary!

Look and thou shalt find a solution.  We are problem-solvers…lovers of Life and Love.




Nature’s Gift to Humanity received a helping hand this past week from one of the most popular blogs of A Opinionated Man located here:  http://bit.ly/1qQRiFW

It is truly amazing what happens when a person puts his positive thoughts on an object or person.  It is miraculous to say the least!


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Here’s an excerpt from my book.  Enjoy!


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May the beauty of you shine through you this day offering hope to others.


Mary Rensberry

Author at QuickTurtle Books®







Tomorrow’s my 64th birthday!  I am blessed and full of joy that I have lived to this point in time.  It is an exciting time in the world, on this planet Earth.  We are presented with so many opportunities to love and be loved.  To forgive and to forget.  I look forward to tomorrow and to each day thereafter.

Happy Birthday to all of you out there sharing your birthday with me.  And that includes my twin.

Check out my recently published book, Christmas Christmas Everyday.  It’s my birthday all wrapped up in Christmas tomorrow.

Love you and hope to hear some good comments from you.


Beauty Within and Without

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When a spiritual baptism takes place within, then one knows that they are not their “past” with confidence and assurance.  One knows that they are a child of God, albeit a diamond in the rough.  One’s consciousness is elevated by these thoughts and feelings so that we may know God in the midst of every experience, activity and event.   Additionally, we can know that saying, To Be.

That is one’s true beauty.  It shines from within and without.

Testings will come as to your stance on this viewpoint.  Strengthen yourself daily, each moment, with the knowledge of who you are as Beauty, Life and Love.  And then go forth and do those things that represent your new self.  Help one another see that and be that, too.

Check out my new books on living spiritually in a physical world and leave a comment if you wish:

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Listen -Listen with your inner ear…listen and look for the best discoveries in life with the help of our bird friends.

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Nature’s Gift to Humanity -There are scriptural verses and words of wisdom which can be used for everyday living. The message is as unique as there are many perspectives in life that are led in love, power and wisdom.