a spiritual experience

Sitting here at the Blue Dot Cafe & Coffee Bar in Alameda, CA relishing in the busyness of life.  A few people in line getting their morning scone and coffee before heading out to work.  The music playing is reminiscent of the 70’s with For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield. Parents bringing their children in for a bit of breakfast like maybe a Scrambled Egg Sandwich or a French Toast Strata.  Pairs just awakened sit down to a new day to share an espresso and Poached Eggs & Toast with Chicken Apple Sausage.  It’s the cashier/waitress here that’s special, though.  She has learned the art of communicating & tolerance and by her eye contact, loves what she does; loves being around people.  She lives to serve.  You can feel it.  A good vibration.  People are smiling here.

This invokes within me the continued excitement of being around others, helping others.  I think the secret of life and happiness is just that-helping.  It’s a simple word.  Find what you like to do and help others with those skills.

As far as the Blue Dot Cafe & Coffee Bar…I wish them the best in their new found business adventure.  I think they are off to a great start!

art blur cappuccino close up

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com


A New Day

This little book is a handbook for giving and receiving. It follows the mandate, Do To Others What You’d Like Them To Do To You-you, know, the GOLDEN RULE. It’s golden for a reason.
Nice book to get yourself and/or others for Christmas. It has a bright new cover, too! I think you’ll enjoy it.


Beauty Within and Without

neighborhood flowers


When a spiritual baptism takes place within, then one knows that they are not their “past” with confidence and assurance.  One knows that they are a child of God, albeit a diamond in the rough.  One’s consciousness is elevated by these thoughts and feelings so that we may know God in the midst of every experience, activity and event.   Additionally, we can know that saying, To Be.

That is one’s true beauty.  It shines from within and without.

Testings will come as to your stance on this viewpoint.  Strengthen yourself daily, each moment, with the knowledge of who you are as Beauty, Life and Love.  And then go forth and do those things that represent your new self.  Help one another see that and be that, too.

Check out my new books on living spiritually in a physical world and leave a comment if you wish:

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Listen -Listen with your inner ear…listen and look for the best discoveries in life with the help of our bird friends.

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