Christmas Spirit Everyday

With Christmas approaching, I wonder how many people actually feel they are carrying the Christ within?

Within their body, their very being?

Do you carry that vibration of Love?


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But, Of Course

When it all seems down and out

Check out where your energy

has gone- to what and to whom.

Have you put Life first?

It’s not too late to start again.

Stop the mindless chatter.

Change your focus.

Start your day again.

But, Of Course!





Circle of Life



Circle of life

fraught with rife

keep on my Love

with thoughts from above.


Mary Rensberry, Master Pooptologist & author at QuickTurtle Books®

Also found at: maryrisinger.wordpress.com

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Ears to Hear

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This page is from the book entitled, Nature’s Gift to Humanity by Mary Rensberry, author and photographer of the Extra-Ordinary!

Look and thou shalt find a solution.  We are problem-solvers…lovers of Life and Love.