One thing I’ve learned over the course of this lifetime is to stand up and speak your truth. Notice I said ‘your’? Each of us has free will ‘to do’ and ‘to say’ what we believe is our truth. Are we always ‘right’? Are we always ‘wrong’? Why does it need to be either one as there are no absolutes in this 3rd dimension physicality.

No, we aren’t either all the time ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ because we are not perfect, yet. On this earth plane, I believe in the power of speaking your truth. That is all. Take that option out of the equation and there is nothing left of you. But the truth of the matter is, the closer one gets to Christ Consciousness by listening to the divine within while observing the illusion without, only is one able to walk in Integrity.

Walking in Integrity requires that you hold fast to what you have observed and listening to your gut feelings or in other words, to that life force within you that never leads you astray. I say this with confidence because I have walked through many walls of fire and have found each time a profound abundance of peace; it is beyond human comprehension and understanding unless you have walked the walk.

Knowing this profound truth also thrills me in a wonderful sense because no matter who agrees with me or not, and that is truly the point of this writing, it gives me a straight spine! And having a straight spine is something that I have worked a lifetime on. It takes courage and persistence to face those that do not understand why you do what you do or did what you did. Maybe one day they will, but that is not your concern or mine.

The beautiful part of this short missive is to say, even if you do something that you believe IS your truth and then come to find out it really isn’t that way in a new time, this now moment, you will always get an opportunity to revert the former. Are you following me? An opportunity will present itself to rectify the former situation bringing it into the light of new understanding. Amazing, isn’t it? That is essentially the beauty of Grace- of Love-and is Christ Consciousness.

Now I know we can all have that bit of wisdom, don’t you think? I do. 🙂

Don’t Listen to the Critics