Math – The Student is NOT the Problem

I was ‘taught’ the memory method in Parochial school and have little foundation in Math…I will be sure to share this.

Joke Reeder's Educational Articles

The year – 1928.  The place – Chicago (not really, but it sounds good). 

At this point math was reason, and it was taught in a sequence which allowed the student to follow the trail of cause and effect.  Folks could think with math, use math, solve problems with math, and tackle complex issues in business with math.  A good grasp of math got you into college, through college, into business and through life.  With math you could whip the problems of many facetted situations into submission, you could get exterior to them, spot cause and effect and zero in on the solution.

Enter: the Progressive Education Association, with members such as John Dewey, Edward Thorndike (who conducted early behavior experiments on chickens), and Dr. Zeigler, chairman of the Educational Committee of the Council of Foreign Relations.

The stage is set.  The sole work of the group: “to destroy our…

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