My Love, From Cotulla

Thank you, Richard! I loved the QuickTurtle picture and the poem, too. ❤

QuickTurtle Books®

Cheerful Turtle

My Love From Cotulla
for my wife Mary on her birthday 4/7/17

I love the breeze
that brings me kisses
soft lipped and rose scented
all the way from Cotulla, Texas. I love her whisper
and warm sweet breath, I love her tender
evening caress, I love her.

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Death smells like lemongrass

Awesome imagery here for me. Thanks.

Consciousness creates reality

like a bluejay does a pine needle

you want to know that what you’ve grown
is nutrient dense with proteins

mineral balanced and alive

free from heavy metals, pests and diseases

not like the sugarpacked shit they sell
as produce at most supermarkets
sprayed with cheap deathchems in tyvek

this world is bleak as fuck—doomed to a slow painful death

but it isn’t in the garden

or it doesn’t have to be at least
you spend so much time as one
you know what to expect

you do it right and it can provide you with almost everything you need

all the worries lugged around as a human
dissipate among the quinoa, crimson clover, and buckwheat
at the bottom of the hill

the seeds of medicine to be cherished
in their infinite variation in the fall

where the garden doesn’t end
because of the bad weather
it doesn’t crawl into…

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Shades of Ability

Since I just published a book on the attributes and potentialities of the human spirit, then I should know what ability means or what it means to be able.  Right?

Sure.  🙂

The ability or inability to do something lies in, perhaps, the very way we go about doing something.  If, for example, I want to paint a picture and do not know what a color, hue or a canvas means or what it means to use shading, or other such art terms, then my painting will reflect it to that degree.  The doingness is dependent upon the understanding of art terms.  The more I know about a subject, its terms and definitions, etc, then the more able I am.  There is an understanding, that with practice and skill, I am able to paint a picture or a better picture.  Maybe one that draws the attention of others.  My art then would communicate something to the audience, like you.

That goes with the marketing of books, too.  If I don’t have a clue to what goes into the marketing of my book, then that makes me less able.   It is a learning process, no doubt.

I have some more homework then, don’t I?  How to do more promotion and on my list of to-dos.  Some expert help has been solicited.  Thanks Rick Lite!

In the meantime, won’t you check out the newest arrival of I AM SPIRIT?

Hope to hear your thoughts, comments or questions.

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Deep Water


I find myself in deeper water lately

no longer on the shore, 

bare toes finding purchase upon cool sand,

instead I’m treading luminous blue

hoping with each breath that I don’t drown.

Drown among the slippery tendrils of seaweed

in colours of darkest green and brown,

eyes wide open,

adjusting to the undulating new world before me,

my last breath stretching to eternity.

But wait, I’ve been here before – 

floating in deep water, safe in my mother’s womb

the ebb and flow cradling me,

as I wait for light to cleave the water,

allowing me to surface to take that first breath again.

Deep water capture – a shot of Pacific Sea Nettles (jellyfish) taken at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

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It Takes a Village

All of our thoughts with the family and friends all around the country. What an amazing community. ❤

Imperfect Progress

On Wednesday, March 29th the world was rocked by a tragic accident involving a church bus and a truck. Personal to me, my father was the driver and, in an instant, was ripped from my life forever. For a brief moment, the eyes of the world are on our small town of New Braunfels. Unable to sleep that night, I took to writing and posted the blog Think Short Term, which has been read by more people than I ever would have imagined.

After a night of crying myself to sleep, mom and I got to work.  The busyness kept us distracted as we focused on everything that must be done. One important task was to locate pictures of my father with his “little brother” … but the best photo we found was only a proof of a photo shoot taken two years earlier.

Praying and hoping, I dialed…

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