“In seeking the Truth, we discover ourselves…In living the Truth, we define ourselves”. mmr

Religion & Science for Mind & Body

How does one seek the Truth and better yet, know when he has found it?

And when one has found it, how does one live it continually?

We are all spiritual beings in human form, so we seek that to develop that which we are.

It is the journey.

Granted there are those amongst us filled with pride and greed from one degree to another.  There are those amongst us that find it hard to survive and thus not observe life and livingness enough.  There are few amongst us that are aware enough to want to bring about change.

We are for the most part destined for greatness because that is who we are.  Seeking to thrive and living that way in honesty, confidence and integrity along with a dousing of persistence is what living life is all about.

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