Amish Country

Missing the peace and quiet while here in the Bay Area for a couple of weeks.

Mary Rensberry

It’s not very often in life one is able to be in a very remote area yet be surrounded with such a feeling of love and community.  Perhaps it is all the prayers that are protecting us in this area of Fairview, Michigan.  Or perhaps it is just the good thoughts and energy that is expended from these hard-working folks called the Amish.  Whatever it is, I feel like I am contributing to this feeling-by my prayers and good thoughts, too.


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G’ma’s Love Knows No Distance

A proud grandma!



I remember, THE call, SHE was born, the smile-filled burst that filled my heart.

 Thru my cell, I sang Twinkle Little Star, when she was barely 10 minutes old.

Many miles between, yet cherished love encompassed us from the start. 

I’ll never forget, six months later, the joyful tears streaming, 

As I felt the warmth, of the sweetest hug, the first time ever I held her.

me thankful for harper

Once in a lifetime photograph- Cherished Memories

Compliments of K- “The first time Ever I held her”

#MiracleChallenge Week -10

Miracle challenge #10

Using #5 Smile.

See Miracle I really do exist… 🙂

Kind Regards and feeling beyond blessed – K

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Weekly photo challenge Rare

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