But, Of Course

When it all seems down and out

Check out where your energy

has gone- to what and to whom.

Have you put Life first?

It’s not too late to start again.

Stop the mindless chatter.

Change your focus.

Start your day again.

But, Of Course!





Raison d’être

What if we, each of us, would claim our rightful inheritance of wisdom, power and love and could express the fullness of that?

What would that be?

How would it change the world?




Amish Country

It’s not very often in life one is able to be in a very remote area yet be surrounded with such a feeling of love and community.  Perhaps it is all the prayers that are protecting us in this area of Fairview, Michigan.  Or perhaps it is just the good thoughts and energy that is expended from these hard-working folks called the Amish.  Whatever it is, I feel like I am contributing to this feeling-by my prayers and good thoughts, too.



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Just love Bette’s work with Reading and the Monarch Butterflies!

Religion & Science for Mind & Body

I am a writer inspired by nature and human nature. I love people, nature, art, music and literature. I advocate for kids and families, childhood literacy and for the protection of monarch butterfli…

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