The Test

Don’t believe what he says,look at what he does.  That’s my motto.

The test of true character comes from what people DO in my opinion.

Character means the collective qualities or characteristics, esp. mental and moral, that distinguish a person or thing. 1

What we need in this day and time is character development.  There is so much emphasis and stress today put on ‘product’ and what you can produce that we bypass the first step in the development of character.

How does one cultivate character?  Especially in times like these?

Here’s what Thoreau had to say:  THE REAL TEST-Society affects to estimate men by their talents, but really feels and knows them by their character.

For those that DO value their character -those are your friends, acquaintances and role models.  Who are your favorite role models and those of good character?

IMG_0165 (1)

Citation credit:  Character [Def. 1]. (1996). In The Oxford dictionary and thesaurus (p. 233). New York: Oxford University Press.

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