What are YOUR eternal exit plans?

Some people do their wills
Some do not on this physical plane
yet, have YOU planned
for the inevitable beyond the physical?
The Exiting of Earth, that is.

This is where your soul leaves your body

and If you have learned how to command YOUR space

then you’ll be missing the traps, entrainments, and implants

that do await you if you’re not aware.

Know who you are

Make plans now to face this portal
It need not be done in fear. But it does need to be done with awareness.
In fact, decide how, when and even where you’ll die.

When it’s my time
I’ll do as my grandmother did,

and set a kettle of water on the stove for a neighbor’s cup of tea.

She just put her head on the table and left. Just like that.

She was not I’ll or sick. She was over 90 years young.

She’d had already said her goodbyes.
Yes, the neighbors next door in her little condo heard the water kettle whistle
But by then she had moved on. It was a signal that new adventures had begun.
She went on to visit with loved ones in dimensions only she knew and had planned for.

She gave her hugs and received some, too, determinatedly to travel to her cosmic self in other galaxies in space/time. She is a star now. Not like the ‘Hollywood stars’

but a luminous being shinning bright. A glorious light.

She didn’t fear as she had made that decision on her journey to take.

She was not alone when she died…only the highest of frequencies would she allow in her space.

She brought with her all the lessons she had learned on planet earth.

She had decided beforehand to take her consciousness and full awareness with her on this trip.
That occasion which seemed so long ago was like an
‘abracadabra’ moment planned far advance by her for her glorious exit.

She had it all planned.
She had this knowingness that this magic word abracadabra meant:
I create as I think
I create as I speak
I create as I write.
She created her life.

My grandmother and I are still close today. I feel her presence and inspiration.

She was a mother to me. A wonderful friend.
I still get goosebumps when pondering her. My vibrations are high and my energy flows when my grandmother and I converse.

All because my grandmother made her Exit & planned it in advance.

Photo by Matthew Montrone on Pexels.com

Finding Happiness in a World of Chaos

Seems that all around us, things are crumbling or in disorder, lots of chaos, right?! So why not put some order in…and do some things that can help make life a little bit happier for yourself and others?

  1. Be able to shift your perspective. When faced with situations or occurrences, look at the positive side of things. Look for the silver lining in it all. There’s a lesson to be learned and by thinking like a victor instead of a victim you’ll be more ‘on top’ of things. You’ll be more in control of yourself and your environment. I was born in a very sheltered family. I can choose to think of this as a big negative or choose to see this as part of my soul contract that I made before incarnating to learn something from ‘my sheltered’ upbringing. It is a belief that sheltering someone from the harms or negatives in the world is beneficial. To a degree, yes, it is helpful. But what I needed was someone to fully engage me or to allow me to fully engage them in a conversation about life. Since I am female, the prevailing thought was at the time in the 50s was that women were to stay home and be the homemakers, the subservient ones who cared for the home and children. Pregnant and barefoot was the term used back then by those that were not as naive. Being brought up in an environment where the female was considered ‘lower’ than the male was not helpful to me. The Church and Educational environment only seemed to promote that viewpoint. What I learned from my sheltered upbringing was this: the world is filled with mostly good people. Those good people have faults just like me. I need to think my way through things and to be aware of where I am and how I am feeling.
  2. Be forgiving of yourself and others. Because I was mostly at the whim of others and did so by seeking approval, let go of all that and tell yourself and that other that ‘used’ you, you are sorry. I am sorry and I forgive myself and you. Then wait for that subtle feeling of ‘thank you’ being returned to you. Then because we are multidimensional beings, tell yourself and other self, I Love You. Forgiveness doesn’t have to come in a confessional room or church unless you need to hear it from someone else. That is what I have learned. Do it for yourself.
  3. Think positive and surround yourself with positive service-to-others people. Being around those that uplift you, that only seek what’s best for you, will help eliminate a lot of heart aches. Be trustworthy of those that earn your trust just don’t blindly give your trust away. We all have boundaries. Those boundaries put there by YOU are put there for a reason. To protect yourself. If someone that is in your presence doesn’t make you feel good or is too charming then the motivation behind it is usually manipulation. So thinking positive, seeing the beauty of the earth and its people as an onlooker will help make you happier. This leads to being around those that are of service-to-others vs those that are of service-to-self. Those that are only in the ‘game’ to get from others what they can, are cowards and bullies, maybe with a lot of ignorance thrown in as well. They are ignorant of who they are and their abilities. They are energy drainers and energy suckers. Stay away from such people, yet don’t forget to send them healing thoughts. Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts travel at nanoseconds and people you send thoughts to can feel the vibration of those thoughts. Those that have the service-to-others mindset hold their integrity in and don’t take advantage of you regarding your emotions, energy, finances or time. They keep a balance letting them be who they are, but also letting you be who you are. They are kind and thoughtful folks. Some say it this way, learn to recognize those that truly give from the heart, that are heart-based and not only intellectual beings. Giving from the heart is genuine and serving others with this mind-set, are worth their weight in gold. Smiles are simple to do and everyone needs some.
  4. Lastly, be in control of you and your memories. Create the kind of memories that bring out the best in people and yourself. I find that if I wake up at night with a startling dream or a situation comes to light that’s bothering me, then that is the time to look at it in depth. What was happening? What did I do to create the situation? Am I taking responsibility for it? If not, then go back and change that memory. Remember I said that we are multidimensional beings? So why not role play and imagine the situation again only playing it out again for a ‘good’ memory to be made? There is no time/space but the Now. So put it there.

These are my life’s suggestions. I only offer these few as a way to help you if you are in the receiving mode. I’m 71 years young and have a life to live…and I want that life to be happier and more fulfilling each day. I appreciate you and being with me on planet earth at this time.


Tomato Soup and Bacon Sandwiches

DISCLOSURE: If you happen to purchase anything Mary Rensberry recommends, in this or any of my communications, it’s likely I will receive some kind of affiliate compensation. Still, I only recommend products that I truly believe in and share with my friends and family.
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Today my husband and I will be having a simple lunch since we just had Thanksgiving with all the trimmings…and you know with lots of desserts. That is plural, too-desserts. But ‘Keeping it Simple’ especially during the holidays is healthy not only for your body but for your mind.

I suppose life is that way, too, if one really looks at life. It is not complicated, we just seem to make it so. With so many things to be thankful for, I believe most of them are really quite ‘the simple things’. Hugs, smiles, and eye contact being my top three. These don’t cost anything but to the recipient, a price couldn’t be put on them. Giving and Receiving goes hand in hand.

This is a rather simple and short post today. No need to elaborate on the simplicities and complicate things, right? Thanks for dropping in and don’t forget to click the link below for some simple goodness from Standard Process.


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Addictions & Discipline

Let’s get these two definitions out of the way, first. That way, we know what we’re talking about:

  1. *addiction-

: a compulsive, chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity having harmful physical, psychological, or social effects and typically causing well-defined symptoms (such as anxiety, irritability, tremors, or nausea) upon withdrawal or abstinence : the state of being addicted. : a strong inclination to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly.

The etymology of addiction is here.

Source: merriam-webster’s online dictionary

Examples of addictions:

//alcohol addiction, //prescription painkillers or mood altering medications addiction
//drug addictions, //cigarette addiction, //gambling addiction, //sugar addiction

2. *discipline-: training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.

Source: merriam-webster’s online dictionary & Etymology of discipline found here.

Let’s face it…Addictions come in many disguises if one really LOOKS at one’s life. Actually it is just that-taking a good hard LOOK at one’s life to see what it is you are strongly inclined to do “without using your self-control”. Having the *discipline to do something about it after viewing your life is what matters.

In other words, something takes YOU over and YOU are no longer in control. You, the Being, that is.

Addictions are a symptom of separation or disconnection momentarily or temporarily from Source. It is a way of losing yourself and even being a host for parasites or possession. The mental health ‘authorities’ don’t tell you that, right?! So be Bright!

We are all made in the image and likeness of Creator Source yet- everyone has or has had an addiction. It is quite common. Everyone, choosing to be separate from Source and Consciousness, has depended upon some substance, something or even someone outside of oneself to make oneself ‘feel’ better at one time or another. This is the trap of addiction. It is a lack of self-empowerment. It is making ‘that’ thing or ‘that’ person your authority. SO…Take back YOUR power! How?

Take a look around you and see if you can identify any addictions within yourself. Heck…take a shot and list some out here in the comments. Take a look again and see how these addictions cause untold pain and suffering not only the person having the addiction, but the people he/she interacts with. Write those findings down.

Then go outside and take another look at people in general and ask yourself if what you do or don’t do affects them? Are we all interconnected? I believe so, very strongly. Addictions affects us personally and collectively. I’ve made a list of addictions…and it seemed to be never-ending when I first started. Have I overcome most of them, yes-and with hard work. What gives me energy and vitality though is being able to recognize right away when that ‘addiction’ is soliciting me. So what do I do? I ‘gut up’ and pull myself up by my ‘boot straps’ to overcome that ONE instance of addiction. It takes willpower and sheer determination to ‘rise’ above the traps that are set before us. Rising above and not giving in even in one instance gives one the energy and the fortitude (moral strength) to act on it again releasing the needed energy to overcome and defeat that parasite, or that vampire within. BUILD UP your moral fiber!

Coming clean and honest with oneself is a big step towards overcoming addiction. And it begins by LOOKING at oneself/ourselves and how it has affected our lives. Then be BRAVE and ACT on your findings.

Hold YOURSELF Accountable and OTHERS, too, in a loving and non-judgmental way.

Photo credit goes to: #neurallove, a CC0 image


Quantum Healing and Taking the Quantum Leap

Today, I’m taking up this topic of Quantum Healing in little bites so that we can take the Quantum Leap together.

Back in the late 80’s for people like my husband and I, we most likely heard and read of such things as Quantum Energy and Healing. For those that need to be brought up to speed though, and don’t we all, there is something to bring forward by Deepak Chopra’s words when he states in so many words: ‘That the Body has a mind of Its Own’ and is capable of healing itself. ‘ That the mind influences the body toward either health or disease’.1

Bring that forward into present time and it gives one pause to extend this mind to Universal Mind, Source, God, Mother-Father God, whatever name you might find to call It. There is an Energy, a Life Force, if you will, that permeates everything. All is Mind (Thought) as well as all is Energy/everything is in motion. Medicine and Science are finally coming to grips with ‘Religion’ (Faith) making a marriage of sorts. All is done by Postulates, the putting forth of an idea and knowing that ‘It is Done’ or accomplished. It crosses space or distance and time.

This was not so in times past; much of the know how in medical training dealt with not life but death. Autopies were performed, examining tissue, analyzing dead parts, organs and such was common long ago. The medical establishment has come a long way in recognizing that there is a ‘force’ to be reckoned with; that there is an intelligence that is keen on healing and is powerful. So let’s define Quantum and use this when talking about Body, Mind and Soul.

Quantum is “the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter. Quantum came into the latter usage in 1900, when the physicist Max Planck used it in a presentation to the German Physical Society. Planck had sought to discover the reason that radiation from a glowing body changes in color from red, to orange, and, finally, to blue as its temperature rises. He found that by making the assumption that radiation existed in discrete units in the same way that matter does, rather than just as a constant electromagnetic wave, as had been formerly assumed, and was therefore quantifiable, he could find the answer to his question.” More can be found here at this link as to what quantum is and means.

We also know with the work of Dr. Emoto and his water experiments that water has memory and can be influenced by our thoughts and words, music included. Since we humans are mostly made of water, over 70%, then it stands to reason that our bodies, all of them (more on that later), are affected by not only frequencies but by intention. We are what we think, what we intend.

So, for those of us new to this way of thinking quantumly, we take a quantum leap or jump by defining those terms: it is an abrupt transition from one energy state to another. It is taking a leap from matter to the ‘invisible’ as we know it or a jump to and through to non-matter.

Next time we will go into how quantum physics, or how quantum energy and then quantum leaps are used to help heal us and how it is used to help us have a better more harmonious world. That is pretty awesome, agree?!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Reference used: Chopra, Deepak, Quantum Healing, https://vdocuments.mx/reader/full/deepak-chopra-quantum-healing


Victory Mindset

Thoughts for the day….
The future can go in all sorts of directions, you tend to think at times. But when you actually sit down and figure out what you want and what the outcome of that will be—once the decision is made, the determination to walk that path is buoyed up each day by your thoughts, your words and what you do. So why not hold the Victory mindset instead of the Victim mindset?

Things don’t just happen. They are CAUSED either with good intention or an evil intention to one degree or another. If you can handle yourself and your environment (matter, energy, space and time) you are really home free. Isn’t this what it’s all about anyway…

Photo by Mary M Rensberry 2021

Reality-so which one do YOU want?

This is a great topic to write about since it seems that someone’s reality is being imposed on us and has been for quite some time. So what IS reality and why is it important?

Reality starts in the mind-with a belief in a certain way things should be. It’s a perception or an experience that brings a certain course of things, reality, into manifestation. So what is the current collective reality? Yes, you got that right-you don’t need me to tell you that we’ve been told that invisible monkeys are invading our homes and businesses and we have to put up some kind of shields like garlic smeared on our door posts to ward those monkeys off (as told to us to do by the so called authorities). A perceived collective ‘reality’ has been *promulgated on planet earth. Is it the one we want to continue to manifest is the question.

Breaking free of the current reality means-leave it! Ignore it!

Instead Impose YOUR reality and well- thought out solutions to make a better world-create it by sheer imagination and worthy ideas.

What is the reality structure you want to perceive, believe, and manifest? And the opposite to think on-What false realities have been put upon us human beings by the controllers? A few could be named-that humans are primitives, ‘cattle’ or ‘food for others’, slaves, know-nothings that need to depend upon others to tell us what’s best and how to do things. So fear, punishment and control was used to promote more fear and dependency. For example: humans would be checked up on by the controllers periodically to make sure we were *toeing the line. How so? By following stupid and nonsensical laws, rules, permits, rituals, ceremonies that are strictly implemented so that it ‘pleases’ the authority figures. Think about being raised from birth having to follow this regimen in your home, your schools, your universities, in your places of work-everyone would be promoting that ‘agenda’ and that reality-as that’s the collective reality believed and perceived to be real.

The *Come-Away

Remember this as the controllers do not want you and me to realize our full potential: We were made in the image and likeness of Source. We have unlimited potential and abilities. Why not help by changing your mind and choosing to live in pure heart and mind by really looking and imagining what reality you want to manifest. Pay attention to what you are putting out there in the universe. If we work on this as a collective, the more of the ‘yours’ we have, the more the collective will be manifesting the reality WE desire.

Do the introspection yourself and be disciplined about it. And doing this collectively WILL bring about the reality so desired if so intended.

Notice what’s going on, yes, but don’t continue to give it power and life.


*promulgated-to impose an idea or belief by declaring it to be so

*toeing the line-is an idiomatic expression meaning to conform to a rule or standard

*come away-to leave in a particular state or condition

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Photo by Jessica Hendricks on Pexels.com

If Everyone Took Responsibility for Something or Someone Else Today…

When things get put on automatic, when we allow ourselves to even think that ‘someone else is responsible’, ‘someone else can take care of it’, then we are headed downward and not upward in the grand scope of things.  We’ve assigned ourselves as Effect and not as CAUSE individually and collectively. IN essence, we’ve allowed ourselves to become irresponsible.

Questions: Do you want a better world, do you want a better community, do you want a better family, or a better marriage?  Then you’d better take responsibility for it! What could be worse than having a fight every month in your marriage?  What would be a problem you can think up that would be worse than that? A loss in several months of income perhaps?  or a family divided and not living together…YOU think that part up! and then what part of losing several months of income or a family divided and living separately could you be responsible for?  Don’t like the government?  Then decide that you’ll be responsible for some part of it and quit ‘leaving it up to someone else to do something about it’!  YOU/ME can do something about it…anything if we but just decide to do so but DO IT! Start at the family or local level…and be responsible for that. Take it upon yourself to communicate to others and then decide to listen to others, too.

Who or what can you take care of today?  Take responsibility for someone other than yourself.  Want a better marriage?  Then find something you could be responsible for in that marriage.  Is YOUR freedom and rights on automatic leaving it up to someone else to defend or protect this state or country you live in?  If you are not actively taking part, then TAKE YOURSELF OFF of automatic and do something about it instead of just taking care of Number #1.  And quit complaining about things the way they are…quit your petty gossiping and your petty grievances and get into ACTION. If we could each of us do this just today, it would be a better world almost instantly.

Decide this moment to take responsibility for others than yourself today.  





An *ally, by definition, is someone or a group, club, league, etc., that another bonds to in a spirit of cooperation for growth, protection, support. For what purposes one may ally with, there are many. If it is in the spirit of love, help, and fostering of good, then allies are certainly invaluable.

Just as we humans can get along better with another, a wife with a husband, or a child with a playmate, then it really behooves one to try to form alliances wherever we can. In a spirit of cooperation, not of competition, should be group/s work together. It is a union of like purposes -and really there is only one purpose on Earth as I can see it now: to help each individual to be the best that they can be, whether that be spiritual, mental/emotional, or physical.

It is my thinking and understanding that each of us is unique and special. We all have our gifts, talents, skills and passions to present to the world. The world is a better place because of each one of us. Now, getting to the point of allies and how important they are–

Since God is ‘in’ me and to the degree that I recognize this bond, this union, I am setting off particular spiritual vibrations of energy. The more I am able to give every thought, imagination, and intention a vibration of love, then all else falls secondary to that. That energy thought wave is felt; I need not be a physics major or scientist to know that. When a person walks into a room that is filled with go-getters and positiveness, then that feeling is felt and experienced by changes. More on that later.

When I am aware of my thoughts and my abilities to create for the good, adding to that momentum, then I am setting up for myself, more productivity and purer products not only for myself but for the group, my allies. Some of the group members may not be up to the level that others are in positions of good control and power, but it is to this allegiance for the highest good that we must work towards. Focusing all my ‘good’ ‘higher’ thoughts, words and actions on the groups’ efforts and activities, will foster a better working condition for all. It’s like being in step with a band, a good illustration. I like watching the half-time activities of the college or high school bands waltz across the field, in unison. It is a sight to behold. Nature works that way, too. Watch a sunrise and see and hear the plants and animals wake up (some to go to sleep) all in harmony and unity-each group being separate, but working towards the whole of bringing life to a new day and to the many participants. Some will not see or feel the new day. That is alright. Some may call the new day curse words. That’s okay, too. The thing to do is to build a better world by working as allies. Working together by providing solutions to abuses of human rights, abuses to our justice system, abuses in the workplace. There are many solutions that the problems of this day or moment presents. Be open to them; be ever watchful for that ‘one’ that needs our help to make him or her a better abled person because who likes to be at the effect of things or people if they only knew better. It is in the name of help that allies form bonds and cooperate with each other so that help can be given.

Unlimited positive helpful thoughts enhance and build the energy one has. Let all else pass you by. Be busy with what you need to do on your Battle Plan for the day. Stick to your plan and with those good thoughts and actions, allies can work together more easily and in unison. There is infinite good and eternal love that is the source of who each of us really are, the source of all beauty and abundance. Beginning with the idea that you are that, we can create a world that works for us ALL, and not just some of us.


Scriptures that cooperate with the above statements:

“For it is God who is at work in you.—Philippians 2:13 Christian Bible

“Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Ps 46:10 Jewish Old Testament

“In other words, there is the theory of: “What you pay attention to makes that thing important.”

You as human beings can create tomorrow’s reality by what you think today or what you believe in today. If you believed, all of you, hard enough, that there was going to be a monument out here, a hundred feet square and two miles high, to the pioneers of aviation and you all believed there was going to be this and you wanted it there and so on, there’d BE ONE there one day, there’d be one there.

That’s because you believe in it. ..It’s what you VALIDATE !

“If you believe in this human being as a sane human being, he will act sane, not because you coax him to but because you are just validating this. This is his reality, then—the sanity. You’re telling him this is reality—his sanity.

“All right. But supposing you treat him all the time as a neurotic or an aberrated human being. Immediately this person will become more neurotic. I mean, it just works out that way. Even people who are fairly well balanced, if they are around people who are entirely concentrated on nullification, people who are afraid or timid, people who count on their own superiority by making other people less superior, who count on that mechanism to get along in life, are very dangerous because what do they keep validating? They keep validating the shortcomings and the weaknesses of those around them, you see? And by validating those weaknesses and shortcomings they actually bring them into being and make the person weak and make him exhibit more and more shortcomings and so make the person less and less strong and win.”

“It’s what you validate that counts.”

“How would you raise a child using this same theory?”

“For instance Indian children are very obedient, they are very cheerful. They’re quite something to be around. An Indian tribe in the old days used to be in connivance on every child. They were all plotting against this child’s insanity, because every time this child, voluntarily or otherwise, would pick up a stick of wood to put it on the fire, no matter who was there, they’d say, ‘Oh, what a good child.’

“Now, the child would go down to the brook and he was really intending to take this little bag of something down there and throw it away, and somebody would say to him, ‘Oh, you’re going to get some water, what a good child.’ ‘You’re helping your mother, what a good child.’ ‘You’re being obedient. You’re a good child.’ And when they were bad children, they ignored them. They just shut them off.

“Now, it requires pretty steady nerves and a lot of outdoors to do this. The only reason I’m using it is just to demonstrate there what you validate in a child.

“I’ve seen Indians work this, by the way—Blackfeet. It’s the most fascinating thing you ever saw in your life.

“This kid will suddenly look so bewildered. He’s caught off base. What he was actually intending to do was to blow up Bull Moose’s tent! And somebody says, ‘Oh, you’re taking that over to your father to give it to him. What a good child.’”

L. RON HUBBARD, from Research & Discovery Series, Volume 6 , Page 147-149. This can be found ,too, in The Science of Survival Lectures ,lecture “Theta–MEST Theory” Part II. 21 May 1951. [p. 54 of the transcript].

*ally-comes from Middle English allien, from Anglo-French alier, from Latin alligare to bind to, from ad- + ligare to bind Ref: Merriam-webster online dictionary

For more help and information on how you can help and be an ally go to this site: http://www.volunteerministers.org as something CAN be done about it…whatever ‘it’ is!


finding the god within and without

Are you someone that relies on another to tell you who you are?  Does your mind sometimes tell you that you are less than you are?  Less able, less capable, less beautiful, less powerful? Or are you someone that knows who you are?

God is a hot topic these days especially when times are really bad or really good.  People feel that either God is punishing them for their sins or that they are really blessed for what He’s done.  My viewpoint on this is that ‘We all have the seeds of greatness inside, the ‘god-seed’ and our very reality is built upon agreement.  We are essentially spiritual beings carrying around a body to inhabit as the spirit is invisible.  When life is present in anything or anyone, then the spirit is there-the god-within.

Some people act and do things that are noble in making the world a better place; a place where one’s ideas can be expressed as in the arts, science, and technology.  There is that bit of knowledge that is needed that carries a responsibility to forward and move it to the front; then to control that without harming the other.  The very freedoms of our society are built on intellectuals, and the artists- those that can imagine and bring forth a better world.

The mind of man can be changed that we know.  Yet, can the mind of man be such as to have complete admiration, beauty and the ability to or not to communicate to others regardless of where that might be in space and time?  A resounding yes is my answer!  The ideal man is about the god within displayed without.  It scares some people to think that there is that capacity or ability to be that.  But it is true because it is essentially who we are, spiritual beings.  God, in Its Imagination, has and will continue to form man according to its image.  We cannot help but be conformed as our awareness increases.

The I AM A SPIRIT book lays out the messages that are true for anyone.  For we are all one, yet very individual and unique.   The god within each of us communicates that and is agreed upon by those who know who they are.  The god within you is the same god within me-the only difference being is that we all have our different talents and skills to offer the world.  God within is a mighty statement-one that The Best of Me from a-z! Virtues and Traits for Kids espouse as the world only recognizes who we are by our example.   The children of today should be concerned with who they potentially are and live up to that ideal-an ideal that is built on imagination, sovereignty, independence, self-determinism, self-reliance, and freedom.  The abler we all can be, the fewer burdens put upon the rest of the world.

Some Solutions to finding the god within and without:

  • Study other religious beliefs to help foster peace as only then will there’ll be communication, understanding, and appreciation of the similarities and commonalities we all have.
  • Help further those causes that help each of us to be more cognizant of the god-within and who help us develop those abilities and talents so that we all can be more ethical and responsible beings.

Let us remember it was William Shakespeare who wrote, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

So that being said- Be yourself, keep learning and growing and may you never be the same!



If Thoughts Create Reality…Here are some Musings

If Thoughts, Words and Deeds Create Reality
Then I am/We are in need of the capacity to be aware of my/our responsibility in
what I/We are experiencing in this Now Space.

If it is pleasurable to me/us
and has done no harm or brought joy to you/me
then it was the right action. I/we take full credit for that.

If it has harmed you/me in anyway and rears its head often in thought or memory
and you/I recognize that and take
full responsibility for that creation, then instead
of creating that thought-form again and experiencing the same outcome,
It is time to change our thinking, our beliefs and our actions.
Time to learn so that right thought, word and deed produces right action.

I/We live in a time of great upheaval, of chaos. But this time I/we can choose to see this time as a period of great potential for growth.
With chaotic conditions, we have great possibilities and potential
to *right my/our *ship.

Perhaps taking a different viewpoint, or taking a look at old beliefs
about deeply ingrained thoughts and habits is a start in the right direction.
Do something about these ‘opportunities in the making’ now.
If I/you/we can align myself/ourselves with solutions that do work,
then how much the better I’d/we’d be, and my/our world.

Start by communicating, communicating with those nearest and dearest
to you. If thoughts can travel unknown distances in matter of nano-seconds,
then recognize when I/you are at odds with a person or a situation and
say ‘I am sorry’. ‘Please forgive me’. And then let that person or situation accept
the part I/you played in it and say ‘Thank you’. Then love that person, love that situation
in a new light that it indeed taught me/you something valuable. And then say ‘I love you.’

When faced with new opportunities each day, each moment…recognize that these
are times of great opportunity to be a better person.
Taking responsibility can take many forms from learning how to be a better spouse, a parent, a grandparent, a neighbor, a gardener, an artist, whatever chosen field of work one is in. Whatever you are doing in life, learn more about it.
There are courses abundant to help one do better in life.

Living life has its challenges, but it need not overwhelm one to the degree
one cannot and is not willing to go on. Resurrect yourself by taking on new things, and learning
it well enough to help others, too. If You/I know my/our own strengths and weaknesses, then work on them…and if I/you can’t see these strengths/weaknesses for what they are, then ask someone to help you find them. Trust ‘Universe’ or ‘God’ or ‘Source’ whatever name assigned will answer the call.

Taking responsibility is being human.
Taking responsibility is growing.
Taking responsibility is my/our privilege.

* right-to make correct or bring into a better state of being

*ship-our life, our circumstances in life

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sacred Sex

Lately I’ve been learning/teaching about the sacredness of the Self, the Sacredness of Relationships, the Sacredness of Sex, yes!, and of Life itself. Sacred Sex.

*Sacred to me means seeing the Divine Intelligence in all. And in this case, it is by Faith that ‘Believing is Seeing’. Yes, there is ‘Seeing is Believing’ and that works, too. It is a paradox. But look and SEE the Divine in the Self/Other. FIND one thing if you can to admire in yourself or the other. Start there.

In recognition to those that need to ‘see to believe’, the rational mind needs to see the product created and brought forth from the Divine Feminine in this space/time continuum. The Divine Masculine works with the idea and inspiration of the mental/emotional in the feminine aspect (in sacredness) to bring forth a product created by SACRED love, IN sacred love, considering and honoring the ‘holiness’ of the very act itself. 

Now, what I’m teaching/learning is that the Divine Masculine’s role is to give that physical energy of his, these frequencies of affection, propagation and enthusiasm, to the Divine Feminine. The seed is put forth in the womb to bring forth Life. It is the Divine Masculine that  brings and shares that physical energy to the Divine feminine that needs it. Look at what the Female accomplishes and does, the energy it takes to do what she does! And then in true sacred union, there must be equal exchange. The Divine Feminine’s role is to Inspire, Heal and Bless the Divine Masculine, the male. He is the one that gets the job done in the physical universe by his strength and know-how. He needs the Feminine’s inspiring thoughts; he needs the caring, support and encouragement to continue his work in the physical, too. There is a balance of forces needed for this sacred sex to be considered so. This is what makes ‘Sex’ or Union HOLY & SACRED. I’m not speaking of the kind of ‘love’ these days that is done in haste, tossed away and thought less of by throwing away the product before it has an opportunity to grow and thrive. Things must be well-thought out and planned out well in advance so that Life remains precious and sacred. Not the self-less and in service only to self mind-set. That is of the negative polarity and brings Abuse, Hurt, and Pain-called separation. So, let’s strive to move towards the opposite pole, shall we?

Continuing on-

One need not to have sexual intercourse to have Sacred Sex. Sacred sex is a combination of the physical and the mental/emotional.

True Union is simply the COMBINING of high energies, tones, or vibrations and like frequencies to experience the Divine with one-self or the Other! It is ATTRACTION, like two magnets. 

I’m teaching/learning that this  ‘Unconditional kind of ‘Love’’ that brings with it Respect and Communication, allowing the other to Give and Receive, Forgiving, simply granting the ‘other-self’ the ‘right’ to BE. Yes, there is polarity, if you will, here on planet earth, two extremes called polarities. Is everything either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’? ‘black’ or ‘white’? ‘Good’ or ‘evil’. ? Or is everything relative and by degrees or gradients? Who’s the Judge here? Are we programmed to ‘judge’ ourselves and others in condemnation?!

I’m embracing the very Divine Thought that ALL contains the Divine, God, or Source-whatever name you’ve assigned in your culture, belief or upbringing. It’s all the same to me. And it is all HOLY AND SACRED. Simply, ‘IT’ just ‘IS’. IT is Being. B-E-I-N-G. The Allowing of Beingness.

But—Aren’t there distortions and lies???? you betcha! So let’s clean up those areas!! A foundation cannot be built on lies and silt. It must be built firm and sure. Who or what is this foundation built on???—Knowingness.

As I see things-

When community is able to ‘Allow this Beingness’, we will build this foundation of Trust. And when there is a foundation of Trust built—only THEN will there be PEACE ON EARTH. 

So a few suggestions:

  1. Be honest with yourself. If you’ve harmed yourself or others, then forgive yourself or the other. Know thyself.
  2. Seek to live with the truth.
  3. Hold your Integrity in. Focus on your purposes and goals in life.
  4. Be assured that you’ll be tested along the journey, this catalyst-will appear in each and every moment-& then to CHOOSE to do the Ethical,  Sacred thing in Service to Others. 
  5. And finally, just relax, observe and enjoy life. Just BE. BE yourself. Allow others that same opportunity. It is the Creator getting to know ITSELF.

And continuing along this thought, I am beginning to understand that being in Union/in Unity, of one mind, is true community and is true communion. If we want community involvement then we have to find out what the other needs and wants and then go about to producing it. There ARE resources because life is filled with abundance and opportunity! Just create it.

I do believe this is what our founding fathers and ALL Way-Showers down through the ages wanted us to grasp…this Union, this Indivisibleness, this Sacredness of life. This is why artists are so important to society. It is their forethought and inspiration that brings the future here now. To teach/learn to live in the Now Moment. AESTHETICS: a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty. It is the life-blood of a community.

This reflection caused me to ponder what exactly happened long ago to bring this illusion of separation and division in our midst? To cause this current Division and Chaos!? I hold several answers as to why this ‘rift’ occurred-and the very first answer I came up with is that the Creator wanted to know Itself, wanted to experience Itself. So…What brings about a Unity then? How do we as Co-Creators get back in right alignment with our Source? 

We do this through:

Proper communication which involves finding something to like about yourself & that ‘other’ person or thing, what you might have in common with that other self, in reality, and being able to listen and discuss, all the while acknowledging the other. This would be real communication.

Let me say, too, when there has been ‘division or separation’ it may have been caused by one or both parties own misdeeds or ‘sins’, transgressions against himself and/or the other. This would be something to Clear, wouldn’t you think?

My present observations, inspirations and experiences tell me something much grander and sacred is going on beneath all this illusion and maya in our world. It is the working out of our own salvation, of who we essentially are. It is a sacred responsible journey, indeed. Sacred Sex.

Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

definition of *sacred as found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary:


1a : dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity

//a tree sacred to the gods

b : devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose)

//a fund sacred to charity

2a : worthy of religious veneration : HOLY

b : entitled to reverence and respect

3 : of or relating to religion : not secular or profane

//sacred music

4 archaic : ACCURSED


b : highly valued and important

//a sacred responsibility


How to be Healthier, Happier, and Wealthier especially during the holidays. Is there such a thing?

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Intention-Just How Important Is It?

Intention: what you set out to do, your goals

Intention is the cause of every effect. It is the energy behind all creation and our imagination that brings things into being. Everything we experience in life has been intentioned by us in one way or another. Whether it is conscious intention or unconscious intention, everything we experience has been birthed through thought and feeling.

When using intention, we are tapping into our divine power as creators to bring intentioned thoughts and feelings into form. We can use intention to manifest what we desire in life by focusing on the what you intend first and then allowing the corresponding thought and feeling of it to come forth.

We must be mindful of our thoughts and feelings as they are the most powerful tools to manifesting what we want in life. Intention is a spiritual power that can help us tap into the energy field of limitless potential for all of humanity. To aspire allows us to move beyond our physical boundaries and access the Universal energies which create miracles in our lives.

It is not just about getting what we want in life, but it is also about understanding the spiritual reason behind why things work the way they do in the physical universe. Intention helps us to align our souls with the higher power of love and awareness, allowing us to create our own reality by connecting with our truth and Divine Source.

Intention is the bridge that connects us to our Higher Source and allows us to tap into ancient wisdom, intuition, and love. Intention allows us to open up to an unseen power that can help guide us on our path of spiritual growth.

Setting your goals and going after them are powerful tools that should be used consciously and with great respect for the energy involved and care taken to create good effects in your life and the world.

Intention is the driving force behind creating positive change in our lives and the world. Intend to bring peace, joy, love, abundance, and wisdom into your life and be open to receive all that is being offered by Divine Source. Intend for the highest good of all.

Let intention be the driving force behind creating a better world for all. Make your intention count. Make it matter. Become an active participant in creating a better tomorrow for yourself and others. Use intention to bring about positive change today!

Purpose for abundance and prosperity to flow into your life and that of all humanity! Open yourself up to receive all that Divine Source has in store for you. Believe in the spiritual power of intent and use it wisely. Unlock the door to infinite potential, possibility, and abundance. Make your dreams a reality today! Intend for it to be so. And so it is. Amen. 🙏🏻 💜 🙏🏻 💫 🤍 🦋 ❤️

Please check out the following link…you may find more you like there, too!


Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

Haven’t figured it out, yet?

With so much going on in and around our planet Earth, it leaves one to think…what IS the most important thing to focus on right now? Well, let me tell you my opinion and it is only that. Last I knew, opinions were okay to voice as long as it does not denigrate or invalidate another. We CAN communicate fellow humans!

Here’s where things are really at: working out who you are and what you want the future to be starting with your intention. You know…why do you do what you do? or think what you think? The voices in the head can get a bit crazy at times and run in circles if you don’t take responsibility for them. Are you the master of your thoughts and emotions?

Are you the kind of person who lets another figure it out for himself? Or do you take the reins of your life and take full responsibility for not only WHO you are but for all the past AND the future? Yes, that’s where it’s really at.

It is Declaration Time for knowing who you are and where you are going, NOW this present moment. What kind of future you are creating for yourself and others? Intentionally creating the present moment, while forgiving and forgetting the past mis-takes…They are ‘mis-takes’ because you stole from yourself those precious creative moments. Okay….move on. Give to others if only it’s your good thoughts or a smile and then Receive…it is Universal Law. Give with no expectation of return. And when you do that, you are happy because you are making someone else happy. You are serving others, not serving self.

8 helpful things to do at this time:

  1. Don’t get caught up in the emotional hype and drama going on around you; be aware, but distance yourself and be the Observer. Offer help where help is needed and wanted.
  2. Focus on yourself and your spiritual journey. Practice it everyday. We have lots of time to do that now and no time like the present. Your spiritual journey is THE most important thing. Read, listen, laugh, sing, cry, whatever it is…Let Go and Let God/Source take over. Drop the ego as it serves only you
  3. Stand up for your Truth and help others along the way to do so, too, with courage.
  4. Treat others like you want to be treated, with dignity and respect.
  5. Make a list of things you are grateful for and find something to add every day.
  6. Get some kind of exercise during the day to get the blood going and circulating.
  7. Eat healthier and eat less. Take care of yourself.
  8. And finally, ask for help when needed; you needn’t walk alone.